About OAHK
Orienteering was introduced in Hong Kong by the British army and police from the 50s to 60s and it became more popular to local organizations in 70s. In 1981, the Orienteering Association of Hong Kong (OAHK) was officially set up. OAHK promote and develop the sport of orienteering in Hong Kong. With the efforts from various sectors, OAHK successfully held a number of important international events and attracted increasing number of participants across all sectors.

There are courses with different degree of difficulty in orienteering competition for both elite competitors and those who aim at leisure. Every year, OAHK hold more than 15 orienteering events, including the high level of competition “Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League”, the open-to-all event “Color Coded Orienteering Events” , "Festival of Sport Orienteering Event” as well as the large-scale fund-raising activity "MSF Orienteering Competition" and so on.

On the other hand, OAHK hold over 30 training courses with Leisure and Cultural Services Department each year. With the cooperation with Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, 6 Trim Orienteering Courses are set in the country part and is open for the public to enjoy the fun of orienteering throughout the year on their own.

In addition to physical strength and map reading skills, the sport also challenges participants' route choosing and problem-solving ability.We look forward for your participation in this suitable-for-all sport!

Hong Kong - Metropolis in motion

Affiliated to: International Orientereing Federation and Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China