How to Get Started?
  1. Most people’s first contact with orienteering is using a map to find check points in Treasure Hunt or City Orienteering. Orienteering participants shall use the map and compass to to find the pre-set check point at the fastest speed. Orienteering is a worldwide sport using IOF map legend. You shall get to know the map legend and how to use the e-cards first.
  2. CATI (Come and Try It) class are available at local competitions which is suitable for new comers. Please read the event information and start list one week before the competition in our website. You can become our members through our orienteering clubs to exchange the skills with the enthusiasts orienteers and join the Level 1 and Level 2 orienteering courses. After acquiring the basic orienteering skills, you can join the competition basic on your physical ability and techniques.
  3. Youth and children can participate in training courses held in summer and autumn. They will receive systematic training so as to join the local age group competition. There are programs and competition for children aged 6 years old.
  4. Outstanding person will be selected to join the national squad to receive a long-term and high-level orienteering training or overseas training.
  5. Those who attain elite standards will have the opportunity to join the Hong Kong team to receive a more professional training and gain overseas competition experience, targeting to reach the Asian-class level.

Orienteering Map Legend (In Chinese only):