Coach Registration

Coach Level:

1. Pre- Level One Coach

2. Level One Coach

3. Level Two Coach

4. Level Three Coach


January 1 to December 31 next year


1. to assist OAHK promoting orienteering events

2. To actively participate Accredited Coach Renewal Scheme for enhancing the knowledge

3. to ensure that every Orienteering Training courses is in compliance with the OAHK guidelines


1. To register OAHK certificate orienteering training course  (Be the Head Coach)

2. To be the coach of OAHK registered orienteering training course

3. To receive the coach allownce (non registered coach will not be receive allowance)


1. Full member of OAHK AND

2. Holder of OAHK Coaching Accreditation Card AND

3. Holder of Coaching Accreditation Card issued by Hong Kong Coaching Committee (except Pre-level One Coach) AND

4. Participant in the Accredited Coach Renewal Scheme in the past 2 years and obtain minimum points

Please refer to the Score Table of Accredited Coach Renewal Scheme for the points requirement.

下載MS Word格式Score Table of Accredited Coach Renewal Scheme